Chuncheon Samwunsa Temple

Samwunsa temple stay

Fragrant connections, energy of happiness

Address 12, Huseok-ro 441beon-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, 24251, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-33-241-1330
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Samwunsa Temple is located under Bongeuisan Mountain, the symbol of Chuncheon and guardian mountain.

Samwunsa Temple has opened up new vistas as the general Buddhist center continuing to hold cultural events with the community. It has led to revitalize temple stay that you can directly experience teachings of Buddhist.

Men and women of all ages can easily participate in programs including making envelopes with traditional Korea paper (Hanji) and taking rubbings of a stone inscription. The temple stay center built with retinispora cheers the persons who visit Samwunsa Temple up.