Headquarters Guinsa Temple

Guinsa Temple stay

Learning in nature

Address 73, Guinsa-gil, Yeongchun-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 27020, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-43-420-7397
e-mail guinsatemple@daum.net
Web site http://guinsa.templestay.com

There is Guinsa Temple with the great teachings of Buddha in Sobaeksan Mountain that shows aloof colors all year around.
In this place, you can sometimes meet the moment that daily life is asceticism and asceticism is daily life.
Temple stay is the experience program open to everybody. You suddenly find enlightenment while you breathe in and drink a cup of tea. You spend time to awaken yourself in you by taking a load off your mind.

[Prayer chanting]
Dawn prayer chanting is to arouse nature that is sleeping and your Buddhata turning the early morning bell chant and evening prayer chanting is to empty your mind and purify yourself religiously with the moment of a single thought.

[Learning etiquette of temples]
You will have time to say hello with temples' history, etiquette of temples, and cautions.

[Have a look at temples]
Worship or pay homage to Dharma Talk Hall, the hall of the Great Light of the Universe, and the Daejosa Hall.

[Walk along the path in Sobaeksan Mt.]
Be lost in meditation going down along the skirt of Sobaeksan Mt.

[Tea talk with monks]
You have time to talk with monks drinking a clean cup of tea in a mountain temple.

[Visit the museum]
Meet history and culture of Buddhist cultural assets and Tiantai Buddhism in the Central Tiantai Buddhist Museum.

[Meditation to train your mind]
You learn how to control your mind through meditation.