About the three indicators

On August 30, 1966 before registering the Tiantai religious group in the government, Supreme Patriarch Sangwol Wongak announced that Taintai was rebuilt with the three indicators. The three indicators are the new Buddhist movement that suits this age. The Supreme Patriarch's reformation activities have thought to continue to be developed before Tiantai Buddhism was rebuilt. The goals of this new Buddhist movement are based on three treasures (三寶) from the fundamental viewpoint.

First, Get the truth of 'men, in other words, Buddha' by realizing the true meaning of life and showing your bright self.
Second, Realize the ideology of 'living, in other words, Buddhism' by creating bright life through practice of great causes (大道) in Buddha's right doctrines(正法).
Third, Realize ideals of 'society, in other words, the Buddhist Priesthood(僧家)' by building bright society through the development of steady reformation.

In other words, finding your genuine self (自我) and realizing honest life and true society accord with Buddhist sermons of Supreme Patriarch Sangwol Wongak.

Supreme Patriarch Sangwol Wongak focused on 'genuine self-discovery' as the new Buddhist movement. This means to regain the human natural heart like a clean lotus in the chaotic world.

‘Patriotic Buddhism’means new practical Buddhism that suits modern times from past Buddhism for defense of your country and appeasing the people at the state level. All the people who believe in Buddha create a more beautiful and salubrious country in this land that we live by making efforts autonomously and autonomically. The great country is the nation without confinement, obstacles, and lack when all the people realize their own life and ideals.

Supreme Patriarch Sangwol Wongak told people to build the beautiful and magnificent world that they can enjoy complete rapture as the base to accept them.

‘Living Buddhism’means that living is Buddhism faith and practice and all of us become one. As your daily life is called the world (此岸) and ‘False (假)’, it means the temporary world and conventional truth(俗諦). On the contrary, as the world of the truth is called afterlife (彼岸) and 'void (空)’, it means ultimate truth(眞諦). Looking at the real state not clinging to two kinds of truth is called ‘Midway(中道)’. Buddhism in life improves the asceticism climate of the persons who cultivate themselves morally or religiously smoothly taking a central position and make them know that Life and Buddhism are not two and practice it by encouraging farming by day and practicing asceticism by night.

‘Popular Buddhism’means Buddhism that men and women of all ages and all the people of the four classes of the persons who follow Buddha's teachings be together. Buddhism have been far from the world and shown as mountain Buddhism, Buddhist Monk Buddhism, and Expert Buddhism. So the common people have regarded Buddhism as difficult to understand and practice. However, Buddhism must be with the public any time and anywhere and get many people to learn and practice it easily. So the Supreme Patriarch made all the people harmonize with one another in Buddhism by urbanizing and opening Tiantai temples to get rid of the wall between Buddhism and people.

The reformation activities like this came from the Supreme Patriarch's long devotion to asceticism and insight into the world. The above three things are called 'the three indicators.' These are the compass that presents right ways to Buddhists who live in the present complex times and have been regarded as the innovative Buddhist movement sought by Chontae Order of Korean Buddhism.