National Pilgrim Association

The National Pilgrim Association is the organization that proves Buddha's wisdom that living things obtain joy escaping from pain becoming Buddhists by itself and makes a contribution to establishing welfare societies by referring to intention of this order and believing in Buddhism and realizing the truth based on the basic doctrines of great causes of Buddha and at the same time, agrees to basic intention for the purpose of mutual friendship and unity among believers and composes the believers of Tiantai Buddhism who makes sure to be the members

According to Jongbeop, the laws of the National Pilgrim Association are enacted under Chapter 2 of Jonghen.

The president of the central Pilgrim Association who represents believers across the state is honorary position. And the Pilgrim Association consists of branches, offices, and affiliated societies in each region and makes the believers the members.

There are the Youth Buddhist Association and the Students Buddhist Association under the Pilgrim Association.