The Board of Audit

The Board of Audit provides oversight of all matters carried out at the end.

We are carrying out the work with the function of supervising and correcting.

The Board of Audit and Inspection performs supervision on all matters carried out at the end, and works with the function of supervising and correcting the execution of the end-to-end administration.

The Board of Audit and Inspection regularly audits the affairs and accounting of general affairs officers, inspection posts, post offices, other end organizations and end-of-life companies annually and conducts special audits. It is our main duty to report these results to Jongjong and Jongmok.
Audit Office has a director, a member of the Audit Committee, and the Auditor General who supports the work of the Audit Office. The term of office of the Auditor General and the members of the Audit Committee is four years and can be renewed.

Buddhism is a religion that saves the world and spreads mercy. It also coincides with the ideology of the monk Sangwol.

In order to realize this, all of us should take the lead in transforming society in order to improve the harmony and happiness of the people.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of you who have made a connection through our homepage.
Buddhism is people who are free of fear and self-awareness of social responsibility through selfless spirit.
The Buddha's teachings must shine in our lives. So the scene of life should be a measure of performance. There is nothing eternal in this world. Also, lazy people can not be happy. We, those of us who are unhappy in the words of the monks of the Sangwol, will be the site of the thanksgiving where the activities of the Board of Audit and Inspection are full of rewards and encouragement than municipalities and discipline.
Since its inception in 2510 (1966), the TEDA has continued its tradition to the present 17th General Auditor General, and has been making every effort to promote the development of the termination and the clean performance of the public. I will not stop this kind of power and devotion step in the future.

I would like to thank all of you for visiting Tendai homepage once again and wish you happiness day by day. Thank you.

Cho Jin-deok, the chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection of Chontae Order of Korean Buddhism

List of Past Auditors

Name Appointment date Remarks
Lee Yong-sang 1966. 08. 30. 1st
Lee Hae-bong 1969. 06. 19. 2nd
   〃 1970. 01. 05. 3rd
   〃 1973. 03. 22. 4th
   〃 1975. 01. 10. 5th
Jang Ik-hong 1977. 01. 17. 6th
Jeon Hyeong-seong 1979. 08. 15. 7th
   〃 1985. 01. 10. 8th
Ju Jeong-san 1988. 12. 18. 9th
   〃 1993. 01. 04. 10th
   〃 1997. 01. 14. 11th
   〃 2001. 01. 05. 12th
Jang Do-jeong 2004. 12. 27. 13th
Byeon Chun-gwang 2006. 03. 27. 14th
   〃 2010. 03. 31. 15th
Kim Yong-am 2014. 03. 21. 16th
Cho Jin-deok 2017. 08. 14. 17th