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Chontae Order of Korean Buddhism The order's name

Chontae Order of Korean Buddhism(⼤韓佛敎 Tiantai Buddhism) means Tiantai Buddhism among the several religious groups of Korean Buddhism.

Tiantai Buddhism originated from Tiantai Buddhism in the Goryeo Dynasty created by Monk Eicheon, the State Preceptor Daegak and the order's doctrines which had been cut in the Joseon Dynasty was rebuilt by Supreme Patriarch Sangwol Wongak based on the order's doctrine created by Chinese Priest Tiantai Zhiyi.

Chontae Order of Korean Buddhism Order's doctrine

Order's doctrine (宗旨) means the doctrines containing the core ideas of the religious group. Tiantai Buddhism clarifies the order's doctrines in Article 2 of the Order's Charter as follows: iantai Buddhism shall decide the following items to be the order's doctrines as the doctrines of Samjewonyung (삼제원융) derived from the Mahayana doctrine

1.개인완성은 혁범성성이니 공관으로 견사혹을 단진하고 체진지에 머물러 자리자각 하는 것
2.불국토건설은 전예현정이니 가관으로 진사혹을 단진하고 방편수연지에 머물러 이타타각 하는 것
3.법성체결합은 원융무애이니 중도관으로 무명혹을 단진하고 식이변분별지에 머물러 자리이타 각행원만 하는 것