Cheontae Tea Culture Research Preservation Society

Gwanmunsa Temple in Seoul Hwaseongsa Temple in Seongnam Gwangjesa Temple in Hoengseong
Samgwangsa Temple in Busan Wolgwangsa Temple in Ansan Samwunsa Temple in Chuncheon
Gwangsusa Temple in Daejeon Cheonggangsa Temple in Gyeongju Samhaksa Temple in Masan
Daeseongsa Temple in Daegu Wungangsa Temple in Yeongsju Jeongwangsa Temple in Ulsan
Geumgwangsa Temple in Gwangju Hwanghaesa Temple in Pohang Wolgyeongsa Temple in Jinju

The Tea Culture Research Preservation Society was established to revive beautiful tradition in the ways of modern times by reproducing the communal Buddhist tea service (獻茶) ceremony and propagating etiquette of drinking tea (喫茶). Various programs including tea ceremony education and the drinking tea demonstration have been implemented.

The members have learned how to manufacture natural dyes used in manufacture of tea cups and dying of tea clothes. They have been active in the internal and external events for popularization of tea culture by participating in the Tea World Festival held in COEX every year and demonstrating Yukbeopgongyang. And the Korean Tea Culture Center was built in Lingguuangsi (靈光寺), badadai (八大處) in Beijing, China and has made a contribution to exchange of tea culture between Korea and China.