Crand Cheontae Art Exhibition

Received 7 sectors. Kang, Shin-ae and Han, Dong-in won the grand prizes.
Exhibited in Ara Art Center in Insa-dong on November 16 to 21.

‘Avatamska-2016’ by Hwang, Gyu-cheol won the grand prize in the 1st Grand Cheontae Art Exhibition held to make Tiantai Studies expand the base of the Buddhist art field and find the new artists of Buddhist art.

Tiantai Studies (Monk Chungwang, the director of the Executive Office) opened a prize list of 'the 1st Grand Cheontae Art Exhibition' by adding △ traditionㆍ modern Buddhist paintings, △ sculpture, △ crafts, and △folk paintings in the existing Grand Wongak Calligraphy Exhibition and Cheontae Buddhism Photo Content. More than 300 pieces of work were received in the result that opened the prize list of the 7 sectors from August 29 to 31.

The judging committee whose chairman is Hong, Yun-sik, the honorary professor of Dongguk University selected ‘Avatamska-2016 (Modern Buddhist Painting)’ by Hwang, Gyu-cheol as the grand prize by arranging the examination. The top excellence awards went to ‘Prajñā-Paramitā-Sutra Mandara’(The traditional Buddhist painting) by Kang, Shin-ae and 'Child Munsu in Sangwonsa Temple' (The reproduced work of art) (The sculpture) by Han, Dong-in.

The excellence awards went to 'Flowers and Birds Painting' (The folk painting) by Park, Ok-sil, 'Amitabha Painting in Guinsa Temple' (The modern Buddhist painting) by Jin, Hyeon-jin, 'Sakyamuni (The sculpture)' by Lim, Hyeong-cheol, 'Sahasrabhuja-avalokitesvara (The traditional Buddhist painting)' by Lee, Yun-gyeong, ‘Geonchilchilbomunjeongbyeong (건칠칠보문정병)(The Crafts)’ by Jang, Seong-wu, 'Chapter 1 of Bumoeunjungkyeong (The painting in the literary artist's caligraphy)' by Shin, Gwang-ja, and 'Guinsa Temple Suryukyeongsandaejae & Saengjeon Yesu-jae (The puritification of the Body & Spirit before Death) (The photo)' by Kim, Wun-sik. In addition, there were 7 runners-up, the 13 participation prizes, 36 specially-selected works of art, and 54 selected works of art.

A cash prize of 10 million won and a plague are awarded to the grand prize winner, each cash prize of 5 million won and each plague to the two top excellence prize winners, and each cash prize of 1 million won and each plague to 7 excellence prize winners (One person by sector).

The awards ceremony is held during the exhibition period from November 16 to 21 in Ara Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul.

Reporter Lee, Gang-sik

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